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Prior to the introduction of scalp micropigmentation scar repair, perhaps the most popular treatment for hair loss was hair transplantation.  Let’s face it, at first, it really did sound like it was too good to be true.

Well, it was. Indeed, it has worked for many individuals; however, those for whom it has not have gone through an invasive procedure at significant cost.  The skin is a complex organ and manipulating it for the purposes of re-introducing new hair will always have risks.  Therefore, it stands to reason that hair transplant clients are left with heavy scarring from their experience since the treatment is surgical and scarring is our body’s way of protecting itself from further injury.  However, it isn’t just hair transplant clients we see, we also see many athletes and people who have suffered head injuries for accidents.  As the thickest skin on the body, the scalp skin is also where the densest amount of blood vessels are found, meaning that a scar, even from a relatively small injury, is quite common.

smp scar treatments

Scars are dense and fibrous for a purpose.  They develop in response to trauma to the skin to protect the area from further injury.  Such tissue can be difficult to tattoo.  At On Point SMP in Los Angeles we have extensive experience treating head scars.  We can treat the area of injury where hair no longer grows so that the scar is rendered virtually invisible.  We can do this on a full bald scalp, and we are able to do this on localized areas so that the scar itself is not seen beneath the natural hair.  No matter where they are or how many there are, we can create a surface that looks completely smooth and undamaged.



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