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Meet Freddy

Freddy Fajardo is a Best-In-Class certified SMP practitioner. He is the CEO and founder of On Point SMP in Los Angeles, California. As one of the top SMP artists in the industry, Freddy aims to provide the highest quality service through his work. Most importantly, his goal is to achieve the satisfaction of every client. Being a master barber for over a decade, he holds the key to the precise details and skill set it takes to produce the finest and natural SMP results. The word that best describes Freddy is PASSIONATE!

Being a client himself, he knows the first hand struggles of hair loss and the impact it has on your appearance and confidence. After receiving the treatment himself, he realized how life changing the results were and decided to dive into the industry. He started his journey under mentorship and master training from world renowned practitioner Zang at Zang SMP. Today Freddy is blessed to be able to restore confidence and change lives everyday through the art of Scalp Micropigmentation. 

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Meet Alejandra

Co-owner of On Point SMP, Alejandra Fajardo is a First-Class Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner. At an early age her admiration and passion for beauty lead her to pursue a career in the cosmetology field. In 2008 she became certified as a cosmetologist at American Beauty College. After working several years and building a great reputation for herself in the beauty industry, she felt that her mission was unfulfilled. She soon discovered that her true purpose in life was to help and provide care for others. This lead to a switch to a career in the medical field. Fast forward to now, Alejandra was first introduced to SMP through her husband Freddy.

After witnessing first-hand how SMP drastically restored his confidence, she realized that she wanted to become a practitioner herself and help improve people’s lives. As a female SMP practitioner, she has the advantage of better understanding female hair loss. In fact, she specializes in Women’s hair density. Alejandra trained under world-renowned SMP practitioner Zang, and she completed her advanced SMP training and Certification with Leaders SMP Academy under Jeff Picasso. With her immense experience and knowledge in the hair and medical field, Alejandra strives to provide her clients with the safest and finest SMP procedure.