smp can cover alopecia

While relatively rare, alopecia is a distressing experience and can come on at any time of one’s life.  It is not clearly understood.  It may or may not be permanent.  Alopecia Totalis is the total loss of hair on the scalp and alopecia universalis is the total loss of hair all over the body.  It is believed to be an auto-immune disorder that attacks the hair follicles and due to this, working on this skin can present some challenges.  We see many alopecia clients wanting scalp micropigmentation and we are skilled and experienced working on this sensitive skin.  Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia can take an extra session or two to respect the integrity of the skin structure.  Results, as always, are natural and becoming.

smp treatments for alopecia

Because alopecia will result in total loss of hair on the head a hairline is designed specifically to complement the best features of each client.  The artist works methodically all over the scalp tattooing meticulous follicles that resemble a newly shaved scalp or one with a small amount of five o’clock shadow.  Careful attention is given to ensure full comfort for the client without trauma to the skin.  In doing this our healed results are outstanding, long lasting, and extremely realistic.  Whether you are a man or a woman, our alopecia scalp micropigmentation treatments offer a solution where few others exists.  Get back your self esteem.  Book a consultation.



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