Most men will experience hair loss by mid life.  Many men notice hairline recession before age 20.  Scalp Micropigmentation involves the application of tattooed hair follicles either in localized areas or on the entire scalp.  The appearance is that of a shaved scalp which can look either freshly sheared or with a small bit of stubble.

SMP for balding patches

Where hair currently exists, the artist works in and around the area so that our gentlemen can continue to style their hair as normal knowing that the scalp skin is not visible.  Certainly, if hair loss continues, so can the work.  The realism is remarkable.  The density is built over 2 to 3 sessions depending on the size of the treatment area and clients are completely comfortable since SMP is non-invasive and non-surgical.  Long lasting results make this hair loss remedy very cost effective.  At last, an approach that delivers on its promise.

smp for full scalp

If a client has lost all hair and/or has very little natural hair left, our artists design a full hair line in keeping with the client’s bone structure and facial features.  Working gradually over several sessions, the artist meticulously implants all-natural and specially compounded tattoo pigments within the dermal layer of the scalp. Between sessions the work heals, and this lends itself to a natural look with depth and dimension.  As the follicles of the scalp are unique, often with one follicle producing 2 or 3 hairs, the artist can mimic this look precisely so that even someone standing right next to you will not notice that the hair stubble they see is actually tattooed.  Is it any wonder why SMP has evolved into the most trusted treatment for hair loss internationally?



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