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Scalp Micropigmentation, commonly known as SMP, has given thousands of individuals suffering hair loss their confidence back.  Hair loss remedies go back to the Roman era with most being ineffective while also causing damage to the scalp.  While hair loss is a genetic fact of life for most men and many women, it is, nevertheless traumatic for some, resulting in the expensive and time-consuming experimentation in invasive and even questionable solutions.

At On Point SMP we are quite accustomed to seeing clients with heavy scarring from hair transplant attempts.  Others have become frustrated with the expense and daily commitment associated with topical applications.  Women in particular feel distress because of the societal association between hair and beauty.  On Point SMP offers a realistic, cost effective and non-invasive solution to your hair loss concerns.  We have worked with clients from all walk of life, offering safety, confidentiality, experience, and expertise.

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