Women undergo a multitude of hormonal upheavals throughout their lives and any one of these disruptions can wreak havoc on the body, including hair growth!!  Moreover, many women notice their hairline will begin to recede after menopause and this is often considered genetic, though many factors could play a role.  Regardless of the reason, hair loss can be distressing for women whether they keep their hair short or long.

smp for density

It is most common for women to experience partial rather than full hair loss.  For this reason, SMP is the optimal solution for women since other remedies are intended for less localized areas.  Wigs present challenges to an active lifestyle and as times evolve, we find that more and more women prefer a more natural approach.  It is quite common for women who experience early life hair loss to see their hair grow back at some point.  In the meantime, SMP allows a woman to maintain their preferred hairstyle.  The artist tattoos follicles at and around the balding areas.  Bring on a gust of wind. It stands no chance against SMP.   All anyone will see is what appears to be hair that blends seamlessly with the existing hair around it.

smp for full hair loss in women

Whether the area is localized or begins that way, our artists work with the client on their specific situation.  If hair continues to fall out and the baldness advances, a full scalp of micropigmentation for women is just as achievable as it is for men and the look has become wildly fashionable.  Many high-profile women, including actors and supermodels have shaved their heads and maintain the look.  That same look is achieved with this extraordinary application of the magic of tattoo.  Hyper-realistic, long lasting and no fuss is what our lady clients want.  Our aim is to alleviate the distress and restore smiles and confidence.



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