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Welcome to On Point SMP here in Los Angeles, where we achieve incredible results with our scalp micropigmentation treatment. We offer Scalp Micropigmentation training classes. Sign up for a classe today! We can train barbers, cosmetologsits, estheticians, spa workers, tattoo artists and even those with no beauty industry or tattoo experience!

We have a team of highly skilled artists working tirelessly to help you regain your confidence after suffering from hair loss. So, if you’re struggling with hair loss and living in Bellflower or any of the surrounding areas such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Glendale, Orange County, Riverside, etc, then get in touch for a SMP consultation.





What Is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Hair loss is a common symptom of many conditions (such as alopecia), illnesses, hormonal changes, medications, and deficiencies. There are a lot of remedies and medications you can try to regain hair growth, although they usually do not have any effect.

Scalp Micropigmentation also known as SMP or a hair tattoo, is the world’s leading solution to hair loss. This innovative treatment conceals hair loss for men, women, alopecia sufferers and even scalp scarring by using pigment to mimic the look of hair follicles, creating the look of shortly cut hair. This treatment is effective for those with complete scalp hair loss, diffuse thinning, scar camouflage, and those suffering from alopecia.

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Scalp Micropigmentation Results

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Still unsure if this is the treatment for you? Take a look at some of the incredible results we have achieved.

scalp micropigmentation results hairline restoration
scalp micropigmentation results hairline restoration 02
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scalp micropigmentation results hairline restoration

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Meet Your SMP Practitioners

Freddy & Alejandra Fajardo

Freddy and Alejandra are two very well-respected Scalp Micropigmentation artists in Los Angeles and throughout California. With keen eyes for detail and a desire to achieve satisfaction for every client, they have become one of the highest quality SMP studios in the industry. Freddy is not only an SMP artist but an SMP client, so he is aware of the life-changing effect this treatment has. It’s time to let these amazing artists restore your confidence and change your life!

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High Quality SMP Training

Learn SMP At The BesT SMP Class in LA

Have a passion for helping people? Why not become an SMP artist and help change the lives of those suffering from hair loss? With hair loss being an ever-growing problem for both men and women, there is a high demand for SMP practitioners and a shortage of professionals nationwide who can perform the job. By becoming an SMP practitioner, you’ll help people from all walks of life restore their appearance. Our Scalp Micropigmentaiton Training Classes offer an extensive training program and continuous support to our students while building their new careers.

scalp micropigmentation results hairline restoration
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